Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why we lost the battle for America

Never in the history of America have we been under such a grave danger of losing our freedoms and liberties. And never in the history of America has the American people been so weak and careless. We know the danger and all we do about it is talk, and talk, and talk. Thousands of web sites, radio shows, blogs, articles and so on are simply “talking”. And it make us feel good. We talk and we rant, and we complain, and then we have fun in chat rooms and forums. And life goes on.

All the while, this government is consolidating powers to take away our freedoms and liberties one piece at a time. Silently, quietly, but consistently and continuously. We are so immersed in useless activities that the Government is advancing its agenda without any opposition. We are playing in their hands, and we enjoy it, while the Government is laughing at us. But, hey, we are having fun, right?

And one day, the whole weight of the hammer reaches us at a personal level and we wake up. But then it is too late, because all of our freedoms and liberties will be gone. For good. And the Government will claim total victory and will take total control of our lives.

So, let’s keep talking and talking and talking.

1 comment:

  1. Right on target Greg.

    I'm hoping all the talking is just part of laying the foundation for fighting back; after all, the commie/fascist regressives have been at war with America for 100+ years with no opposition.

    After we take back America (and we will because we must), the lesson for the rest of us who love liberty is that we need to be EVER-vigilant, now and in the future.

    Public school education must have this part of its curriculum. No more "education" from the globalist Foundations and Frankfurt School commies.

    Let's roll.