Friday, May 22, 2009

The cancer of liberalism

Our country is on life support, and the plug is held by liberal anarchist groups that are bound to pull it. Will we allow that to happen?

1. We are engaged in a worldwide war on terrorism, a new kind of enemy that has no armies, uniformed soldiers, government or reason to exist other than to create terror and establish chaos and anarchy as a mean to dominate the world. We have no other choice but to defend ourselves here, there and wherever they show up. We did not cause this war but we must fight it. We do it overseas. For now. Until they manage to infiltrate our country and strike us from within. Unfortunately, they have a growing number of Americans who care more about civil rights than their lives (what are civil rights good for to a cadaver?). The liberal media is aimed to persuade the powers to be to surrender and withdraw in the name of peace, willingly and willfully ignoring the fact that peace is not up to us but the terrorist regimes that are poised to see America destroyed. Thank God there is still some reason and rationality left in our Government to refuse to surrender and turn over our country to our enemies.

2. As if that were not enough, we are consistently and persistently killing the next generation of Americans in the abortion mills. Since Roe vs. Wade, more than 45 million Americans have been butchered mercilessly in the environment where they should be the safest possible: their mother wombs. Over 1,000 (one thousand) Americans are butchered each and every single day in the name of convenience and as a result of promiscuity and perversity. What is even more alarming is that it is done with our tax money, making each and every working American an accomplice to the worst genocide in mankind history. Even worse, most of the abortions are performed on teen girls who have had sexual relations with older boys, well within the age of accountability, making the situation even graver. Underage girls are being sexually used by adult boys who are protected by the abortion mills so that charges of sexual activity with a minor get covered up, opening a wide door for potential child rapists and sexual molesters to go unpunished. And the liberal media celebrates the freedom of choice as it were a human right, promoting and abetting official and legalized murder of innocent, defenseless children.

3. Marriage has been and will continue to be the basic cell of any society. Marriage has always been the relationship between a man and a woman, and as such is the most important institution on earth. The main purpose of a marriage is to reproduce and raise up healthy and productive citizens. For centuries, it has worked wonderfully and has been the strongest pillar of mankind. Until the wicked liberal agenda which has poisoned the institution of marriage to the point that more than half of couples living together today in America are doing so without any commitment. Relationships come and go as the wind blows, and children are left adrift in uncertain and dysfunctional homes, creating a new generation of emotionally disturbed and confused society. As if this were not enough, the institution of marriage is being prostituted by the demands of a minuscule minority of gay and lesbian groups which demand the right to be married. Not the logical and natural right, which by the way, every man and women in America enjoy, but special rights that will end the marriage institution as we know it. And the liberal movement in America is supporting the agenda both with its perverted media and with money and political influence.

4. The anti American cancer doesn't stop there either. In the name of freedom of religion, the liberal tumor is demanding the separation of Church and State. Problem is, they only demand the separation of the Church from the State, while promoting and supporting the intervention of the State in the affairs of the Church. The first Amendment, which was never an issue since it was created, is twisted and distorted in order to persecute and place under submission the religious freedom of Americans. The sound Judeo Christian principles under which the United States were created and established are being attacked on all fronts by the liberal groups and the liberal media. When the activist Judges and Courts pay more attention to the wicked and whimsical will of a single individual and ignore the will and desire of the overwhelming majority of the nation, there isn't much hope for the survival of the patient (America). And the Supreme Court seems to band with the liberal cancer against the cure.

Once upon a time, there was a Nation called the United States of America, which, despite of being born healthy and strong, and grown up to become the pride of human civilization, has refused to learned the lessons of history and succumbed to the depravity and immorality that has brought down the mightiest empires and nations on Earth. Despite growing to detect and identify the symptoms of the cancer of liberalism and having in its power the cure for such illness, did nothing to cure herself. May she rest in peace... wait a minute, is that a pulse? Is there hope? Is there a last chance of survival?

I wonder.

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