Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Paradox of Free Will

There has always been and continues to be a grand debate regarding whether we have or we do not have free will. What is free will? One definition would be, “the ability to do something without any interference, influence or compulsion”. Yet, I have challenged anyone to give a simple manifestation of genuine free will and thus far, nobody has ever been able to give one. The reason is simple: we do not have free will; that is, genuine free will. Everything we do is in one way or another influenced by events, feelings, emotions, circumstances, environment, events, etc. over which we have little or no control whatsoever. All we do is reacting to these factors in the manner in which we deem proper or convenient. Hence, our action or lack thereof is never independent of these factors.

As a Christian, I believe that throughout history, there were only 5 persons who actually had and exercised genuine free will: God the Creator of all things, Lucifer, Adam, Eve and of course, Jesus Christ. Each were or are perfect in all senses, and perfection includes genuine free will, without which they would not be perfect.

Lucifer was perfect in all senses. And his perfection included the ability to have and exercise genuine free will. He did so, but did it in a manner which negated his own perfection, therefore, he lost it. From that moment on, all his actions were and still are motivated and influenced by one desire: to harm and damage God’s Creation, mainly, mankind.

Adam and Eve were created perfect and as such, they had within them the ability to exercise genuine free will. They did so, and under the influence of Lucifer (Satan) they made the wrong choice and lost it. From that moment on, their will has been under the influence and power of agents outside of their control. They acquired a sinful nature and all of their will is expressed and experienced within the frame and limitation of their nature.

Only God the Creator and Jesus Christ, His Son have retained genuine free will for the simple reason that they are able and capable to take action without any interference, influence or limitation.

The illusion of free will that we have is obviously inspired and influenced by the presence and works of Satan in the lives of all humans in general, and of the Christians in particular. We simply react to our environment and circumstances over which we have no control whatsoever. Yet, we do know that God is in absolute control of all things in the Universe. And He has a plan for each and every person who ever lived, lives or will live until the time of the Great Judgment. And since His power and control are total, permanent and absolute, we know that his will, will be accomplished to perfection.

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