Monday, July 13, 2009

On Seperation of Church and State

By Conservative Underground

I recently listened to an exchange on the issue of the role of church in our government on the Domination, a blogtalkradio show that aired yesterday… I felt compelled to blog about this issue because of an inherent misunderstanding on the subject displayed a handful of conservatives today.

This issue of the role of church in our government has been long debated over the course of our history. Some have argued to go as far as to say faith has no legitimate role as a basis for coming up with laws to govern this nation, while others contend that the first amendment was written as a way to prevent the establishment of a national religion (theocracy) and protect the establishment of all religions. In order to fully understand the intent of the founders when they put together the constitution, one must take into consideration the historical context surrounding the writing of this amendment. When doing this it can be seen that this was designed to protect the people and maintain a stability in the government

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