Saturday, September 5, 2009

To be or not to be part of the Team? *

Take a look at these names:

Eric Daniel Brown, Paul Wilcoxen, Tim Rowland, John Shukites, Chad Everson, Patriotgreg, Chandlers Watch, Susanna Lohse, Kenny J, Shelli Dawdy, Sandra Crosnoe, Mahala Russell, Barbara Brainerd, Attila the Honey, Left Foot Leeds, Bear Fan Ron, Mark W. Johnson, De Ann Boss, Keith Miller, C J Galdes, Sage Bocook, Toni No Bologni, Dave Johaneson, Rod Eccles, Ric Webb, Jeannie-ology, Kerry Shelton, Sid Bridge, Dave Anfinrude, Jacob Gold, Chris Walden, Jim Guest, Neo Khan

What do they have in common? Well, they are great, really great hosts on the Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network. Each show is an event on itself. So much talent, so much patriotism, so much energy aimed at one thing: fight for the cause of good and right in our good old America. We are all part of a team of great Americans who are sacrificing their time, energy, and some, even personal resources. We are a team a true Americans who are actually sticking our necks out for the good of our cause. We are a team of people, men and women, from all over the United States, who mostly don’t even know each other on a personal level. We are a team that is willing to make a sacrifice for our Nation and our people. We are a team that… well, are we a team?

33 names, 33 people most of whom, have their own shows and followers on Blog Talk Radio. And yet, something that I have observed in the last 2 weeks I have been part of this team is that few, very few of them, actually listen and participate to each other’s show. Even if 1 of 3 actually supports the other’s show by his presence and participation, no show on Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network should ever have less than 10 live listeners.

I have seen shows with 2 live listeners. Two. That is unacceptable. If we, the hosts are not supporting each other, then what can we expect from regular listeners that may or would come to hear our shows? What image and impression does a chat room of a show where there are only 2 people in (one of them even being the host) is projecting to the regular listeners? If I would go to a show where there is only one or two people in the chat room, I would certainly get the impression that the show is not worth listening to, and would likely move to another show. Remember, I am only talking about show hosts supporting other hosts, and not include the followers that each host has in their own shows outside of the Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network. Where are those “personal” followers of regular shows outside of the Network? Is anyone actually encouraging them to come to the Grizzly Network and listen to the shows?

OK, I said what I had to say, and your first reaction will be “who the heck patriotgreg thinks he is to tell us what to do?” But then, you will take a moment, perhaps reading again my article, and start thinking “is there something that perhaps I am not doing right?” “is patriotgreg trying to say something that may actually be true?” “Did I join the Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network out of a simple impulse, or I did it because I believe I can make a difference?”

Questions, questions and more questions. But questions that need answers. And the answer might, just might, make the world of difference in what we are trying to accomplish here.

Can you see the spirit in which this article is written? If so, let’s do what our own conscience is telling us to do. If not, then simply discard everything I said.


* This article caused a controversy that ended up with my expulsion from the website, the deletion of all my blog articles and the pictures/fliers from the Photo section. From my personal experience, this is typical actions to be expected from far right wing extremists practicing censorship and violations of the freedom of expression. Ironically, the site claims to be conservative and to fight against the take over of our freedoms and liberties. Incidentally, this type of behavior has become the norm in many other conservative sites, programs and movements. And then we have the nerve to wonder what is happening in America?

Follow up:

"Guest: Chad, are you practicing censorship, like in Communist Russia?
Guest: You claim to fight for freedom, yet you suppress it in your own web site.
ChadTEverson: PatriotGreg, You have expressed your wishes through your blog, on my sites, my chat, and on my radio shows. Suppresion of opperatives that seek to destroy all I have created and work hard to build so that conservatives get their Thought, Voice and Image out justified. Find some other network to spread your Ayers divide and conquer mentality. It just does not work among the Grizzly."

Self Explanatory

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  1. Say Greg, I could have told you and all the others what Chad is really like. For instance he tries to con people into giving him money. I see that Barb from News Free Kooskia ID decided not to join him she realized what he was quick enough to drop him. Just like me and my co-host saw through him back in May of 2008. He only wants help for himself. He has a big ego and his grandfather was a commie kook.