Thursday, October 29, 2009

November 4, 2010

Since Barak Hussein Obama was sworn in the office on January 20, 2009, the greatest attention of most if not all conservative groups and individuals is being concentrated on the November 4, 2010 mid term elections, where, from all appearances, most incumbents who are due in their terms are targeted for being replaced with conservative candidates as a last resort to return our nation to the Constitutional Republic status that was founded upon.

The incumbents and the enemies of our Republic however, are also preparing and getting ready for their attempts to retain if not increase the control of both Houses. And that is where the real danger comes in.

Being in power, the incumbents have an advantage that independent conservative candidates do not have: money, influence, the Main Stream Media and the political machines of their respective parties. As if this were not enough, both Houses have proposed and enacted bills that are clearly in violation of our Constitution and the Amendments, with impunity. And that is where the danger resides.

The Congress may attempt to re write the Electoral Laws in order to make it hard for candidates outside of their own circle of interest to even qualify for the elections. Since the Department of Homeland Security has issued reports that places most persons or groups that are critical to the current administration on a list of right wing extremists and potential domestic terrorists, candidates who hold positions contrary to the ones held by the administration may be disqualified to even being included in the voting ballots. Such a move aimed at making it impossible for conservative candidates to attempt to remove the incumbents may cause a consolidation of power on the hands of individuals who have been and continue to be undermining any patriotic efforts to restore the Constitutional Republic and derail the destruction of our nation on the altar of socialism/communism.

The worse mistake we can do is underestimating the resolve and the wicked agenda of the enemies of our nation and allow them to perpetuate themselves in power indefinitely. Hopefully, the American people will exit the state of denial in which they have been dwelling in by refusing to accept that such a move as converting America into a communist nation and organize themselves into a united front to oppose and deny any additional attempts to change America into a political monster and an instrument of evil international forces.

The choice for a change is ours. Will we take it?

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